Oct 4, 2010

Is it Valentine's Day yet?

I had been digging up on my photo albums here in my laptop and i noticed that i had a lot of pictures involving heart-shaped hands. I don't know why i did this, maybe I was just in love or whatever. haha. I have really no idea. So,here are those pictures. have fun!! <3

It's me and my good friend shane during breaktime.

me, during computer class

that's my friend sharmane,who I asked to do the "heart pose"

me and my "bf" in the library. I had to force him to do this, LOL

that's my friend shane, and my hands. =)

me, and my multi-colored nails

me again..

Just a patch of heart-shaped grass I saw on the street. sorry if it's not so clear, I was on a moving vehicle.

me and my friend, Elmark