Jul 20, 2011

Stress Eater

Okay. I admit I'm a stress eater. I ate a LOT whenever I am stressed. That's why whenever I have lots of things to stress about, I always end up broke, which adds up to my stress and makes me eat even more and I get fatter and I become more stressed and... the cycle goes on. I really hate it when that happens. Ugh. 

Usually, the first thing that I choose as my "stress food" are sweets,then burgers,then anything coffee-flavored. Everytime I eat, I take pictures of the food, and here are some of them for you to crave for too.Lols.

S'mores Sundae of Bluejay Deli and Cafe

Hot fudge Sundae of Mcdonalds

Banana Split
Dunkin' Donuts
Blueberry Cheesecake of Divine Cakes
Super Gooey Caramel Pie of Amular Cafe
Classic Burger of Captain Dad's
Chicken Burger of Bluejay Deli and Cafe
Now you understand me,yes?=D

Jul 13, 2011

We were Feeling Hot!

Just this afternoon while reading a food blog, I asked my roommates if they were up for some spicy foods. My roommates, being game that they are (that's why I love them), said yes and suggested that we go to a near Korean grocery store. Giddy and excitedly, we grabbed our wallets and off we go.
I was so excited that I can't hide it in the pictures.
I love you for agreeing to go!
After buying a total of 4 cups of noodles (1 for another friend of mine) and a bottle of coffee, we went around the area, strolling and enjoying the view, even if it was already dark. We stopped by a pet shop on the way and I really wanted to take home all the cute doggies,especially the chihuahua. I didn't take any pictures inside the korean grocery store and the pet shop coz I was afraid to be scolded.Lols.
Bell tower in Jaro that we passed by.
my roommates obviously enjoying the night.
And here we are eating the noodles. Mine wasn't that spicy at all. That's what you get for assuming you know stuff!haha. But it  was okay, because when I learned how  hot and spicy my friends' noodles were, I was silently thanking God for making me buy the kind of noodles I bought. I paired my noodles with coffee and my tummy was totally angry with it. What a weird combination, I know. But the coffee was so yummy that my stomach forgave me.Lols

haha. That's all for the randomness.=))

Jul 12, 2011


Sorry for not updating this blog for a very long while, and I'll be warning you that I won't be doing so for the next few days. I've been really busy with school lately and it is taking a lot of my time. I hope you'll forgive me.
But please don't forget to check out my other blog: Chic Yet Practical.

Thank you so much.