Sep 23, 2010

Keep The Ball Rolling!

              Remember my past post about the pre-enlistment process I had to do?? It was supposed to be a hard and long thing to do but thank goodness,the process went pretty well for me today. I immediately got the slots that I wanted without being in the wait list. Good thing we woke up early, or else I will be like my other batchmates who are still begging to be enrolled in their chosen subjects. I didn't get enlisted to the subjects that I planned to be enlisted to. I was suppose to take Soc Sci 26 for my SSP, but what I got was the Psych 10, which I had always tried to avoid sine it has a lot of  readings to do. I just have to make do with it since I didn't have much choice unless I want to be in Soc Sci 1 or 2 which is very much worse in terms of reading thingy. And my pe? well,I originally planned to take Badminton or Social Recreation, but failed to do so since Badminton is a conflict to my major subjects and Social Recreation has no more available slots. I ended up getting Bowling, which is kinda OK for me. Too bad, because I was already looking forward to the field trips of Social Recreation.  Because of this f*cking process, I was absent (again) in my Lit 2 class. =( I didn't get to attend the discussion about the theme of Oedipus Rex, which happens to be my favorite story of all time. too bad. ='(
              We also had our 2nd long exam in Humanities. It wasn't what I expected it to be. It was worse! It was a really HARD kind of exam. It was purely objective. Guess we have to blame ourselves since we chose to have the long,long exam, instead of a short,long exam (yeah,our teacher is crazy like that). I just hope and pray that I will pass that exam or else....i don't know, maybe a lower GWA?LOL.
               So,that's it for now. Oh,wait! have you seen that box in the right side? the one with a short clip of me? That's It's like twitter, but instead of 140-character phrase,you have to post a short clip of yourself doing what currently makes you busy. You should try it out.=))

     Au Revoir!
<3 Nadin
2 of my fave things in the world.

Starting Out in the Evening

(this post was supposed to be yesterday's, but my laptop went down so I didn't get to post it. So,I'm just gonna post it anyway. )

So,imma give you a rundown of my day. If you don't wanna hear anything boring, you might as well skip reading this part. I'm just gonna post this since I don't have anything more interesting to talk about. So here is what happened to my day:

  • 7:00am- We (my friend Ivanne and I) weren't sure if today is second year's schedule for pre-enlistment (a process wherein we,students, are going to reserve slots for subjects we want to take for next sem's class.) We decided to go to school this early so that, if ever it really is our pre-enlistment sched, then we can finnish early and didn't have to fight for slots with other students. It turned out our sched is not until tomorrow. So yeah, we decided to do our alternative activity which is to attend our alternative class in Humanities(my fave subject,btw..)
  • 8:00-8:30am- we ate breakfast and waited for our class to start, which was supposed to be at 8:30 am,but our teacher was very late, so we waited again for another 30 mins.
  • 9:00am-12nn- Our teacher, Sir Ed Defensor,(rellcognized to be one of "The Living Legends" in Visayas), presented various types of films related to arts. First was a film entitled (i'm not really sure) "How to go to a musuem". At first it was kind of interesting,but I became bored with the last part,since it was an old film and the narrator's voice was like a lullaby to my ears. Then we saw a documentary about the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York, Now,that was the best part! I promised to myself that imma visit it one day in the future because it really is interesting. It was said to hold at least 2 million work of arts of different artists all over the world.( Imma tell u some story first. before I was not really into arts, I took them for granted. Yeah,I've heard some artists here and there but never really turned my attention to them. I was like "the hell i care?". so when I took this Humanities class, my world really changed. My teacher is a some-kind-of-famous artist all over the world,and is related to Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago. He is like a "renaissance man" of our generation because he is good at any kind of art, like painting, singing and acting.( okay,i'm gonna stop talking about him, Now you know that I admire him so much.) So yeah, he made me appreciate arts because of the way he teaches.) So,when he showed us the documentary, my will to go to that museum strengthen. He also showed us the top ten highest selling artworks (which is also interesting) and a documentary about the Temple of Kama Sutra (yawn) and Pahiyas Festival of the Philippines (double yawn). 
  • 12:10-1:30pm-we ate our lunch at McDonalds (more fats =((( ). I saw there a friend in high school who I admired so much. (I'm not gonna elaborate on that coz it will just bore you.)
  • 1:30-2:30pm- we went to an internet cafe to try our luck in pre-enlisting but failed to do so. I ended up spending 50 pesos for watching non-sense videos in the net. Guess I just grabbed the opportunity of a fast net connection since our dorm's net is so slow, like it will take me a week to load a 10-minute video.
  • 3:00-4:00-we took a nap. We were so tired. =P
  • 4:00-700 pm- We went to our swimming class and took the pre-finals practical exam. It went out pretty well for a starter like me. I can't believe i did it! awesome. LOL i got an average of 2.0 for my grade. I know it's not much but I was satisfied with that already. I was really tired and didn't have much force anymore to kick. So,I really deserve that grade.
  • 7:00-8:00pm- We ate our dinner. I had sisig for my viand, which I was craving for such a long time already. And we went to a nearby coffee shop to grab a cup of gelatto for dessert. It was such a treat. Yum yum. Because I was craving so much for sweets, I bought a slice of "Sensation" smores brownies for take out. I was supposed toeat it during smy study for my hum exams tomorrow, but as soon as I got home (dorm,technically), I ate it. I just can't resist it. So now I am empty-handed. I don't have any "food for the brains" anymore. I just hope I will digest all the info I will be studying in a while.

now,10:46pm, still typing this and not yet studying for my exam. I have like 30 pages of artists' names to memorize and not to mention the titles of their artworks and some other description about them. I guess I have to look forward again to another 3-hour sleep.
I know it looks like my day is so long. really is. Tomorrow will be a more stressful one since I have the pre-enlistment thingy, and an exam, and I hope not, our math exam result will be returned. Ugh! I am getting stressed just by thinking about it.
So,what happened to your day? tell me about it. I'm interested to know. =))

Au Revoir!

  • <3 Nadin

Sep 21, 2010

State of depression

            I am SO sad,sooo,sooo sad. I hate it that i don't have money to buy what I wanted. Ugh. I hate being so poor. =(((
           Why did I have to discover this site which sells rings for 99pesos each only? I know you might ask why I can't buy, it's because they only do wholesales,which means the minimum order is 100 pcs. so, 99*100=Php 9,900. ten fucking thousand? where the hell will I get that amount of money? shit. Their rings are so freakin' cute that I can't freaking resist it. I am so sure that I wouldn't be able to sleep later tonight just thinking about those rings. I feel like their calling for me. Here are some of them that I want to see in my fingers:

"LOVE" connector rings!
Bicycle rings!
Wings connector rings.

And everything else.
I hope someone reading this will get pity on me and decide to buy this for me. =(
I'm so so so sad. ='(

Au Revoir!
<3 Nadin

Sep 17, 2010

A Better and Updated Version of Me

          I've been thinking about changing my blog for while since the old one has a long and senseless domain. So, now, here is the new one. And I hope this will be a lot better than the old one. I intended to have a fashion journal with daily outfit posts, but thought twice since I thought there are a lot of blogs like those and I don't want to add up to those sea of blogs. So, readers (if there are any) should expect to hear (or read) me ranting about my exhausting college life here in University of the Philippines (boring and annoying, I know!), me talking about my obsessions, me talking about the adventures that my friends and I take, me and my fashion faux pas, me...,me..., me..., and me. In short, this is a blog about my awesomeness!(LOL)
           So, to set things right, imma introduce myself first. I'm an 18 (yay!legal!) year old chubby gal who is taking BS Accountancy in the University of the Philippines-Visayas. I love to be with my friends since I can be myself with them, without any pretensions. I dream of becoming a CPA and work at a magazine,or publishing company, Summit Media to be exact. I love to collect stuffs like rings (i have a lot of them), vintage necklaces, books, cute notebooks and many, many more. I love am addicted to coffee,like I could have just a cup of coffee for lunch and I'd be very much satisfied. I love everything about my coffee, the smell, the taste, the color, everything. I could eat or drink anything that tastes like coffee.I also love reading. yeah,just reading. I can read anything, like books,magazines, blogs or anything as long as it can be read and I could get something from it,like new info. If I am depressed, I just have to have a cup of coffee on one hand and a book on the other, then I will be very much better.
              I have a list of goals in life which I write on heart cut-outs and paste on my wall so that I will never forget about them. Here are some of it:
  • be a Certified Public Accountant
  • Visit museums and galleries that were mentioned in my Humanities Class, all of them
  • Have an SLR camera, or anything as good as it
  • Stay in Paris for at least 3 years to know how their lifestyle is
  • Have a coffee shop/book shop called "La Bookerie Cafe"
I didn't put everything in the list since that would be too personal. So,if ever I will achieve any of these goals, I will totally journalize it here. Just watch out. <3
           As of the moment, I am trying to learn french so that when the time comes that I will be living there, I would be fluent in french.LOL, 
           So,that's all for now. Gonna have to study for my Calculus exam tomorrow. My roommates and I were planning to have dinner at the mall and have FroYo, as part of conditioning ourselves into taking the exam tomorrow.haha. I'm gonna leave you with an cartooned picture of me. Hope it won't give you any nightmares.LOL
       sorry for the ugliness.^_^I was just experimenting.