Dec 24, 2010

Holiday Seasons!

I know it's been a while since I last updated this blog of mine, I just had a lot of activities to do like reunions, Christmas parties, birthday parties and so many,many more. And because of this business,I think it will take another while for me to have another post,so for now, I'll just leave you with these pictures showing what I had been up to this Holiday season.=D

Playing with cute little kids.

Reunion with my family.

Enjoying the Christmas Lights at our little plaza.

Collecting stickers from Starbucks and banking up fats.

Abusing Photobooths at debuts.


Reunion with elementary friends.

Hang out with my best friends.

Youth Camps.
Nadin <3

Dec 17, 2010

Upcoming Project!

UP, being a school that does not require uniforms, lets students shout out their creativity through their clothes. There are a lot of these students who grab this opportunity and flaunt their fashionable garments. Some of theme had really caught my eye because I envy them for their courage for standing out of the crowd. So now, I had come up of an idea to have "Style Files", (inspired by the's article) wherein I ask them about their style and their inspiration for coming up with that style. With the help of my friends, I hope to make this project of mine successful.

Some of the people I'll be featuring. =)

Off for Lantern Parade for now!!!

Nadin <3

Dec 16, 2010

Freedom Of Speech

Today,I had witnessed one of the most popular tradition done in our university every year, the Oblation Run. It was my first time to witness one so I was pretty much excited to see it (the whole of it, not just the naked guys). Good thing we only had one class that day, so we really saw it from start to end, right in front of me,without human barriers.

To those who don't know what an Oblation Run is, here is a copy-pasted article I got from the internet:

Oblation run is a yearly APO activity held every December 16, wherein showcases APO fraternity members roaming running nude and naked in University of the Philippines campuses...

     This activity was started in the year 1977 ( The First Ever APO Oblation Run ). When an APO member first ran naked in the A.S. lobby to promote a play the fraternity was sponsoring called "Hubad na Bayani," or "Naked Heroes", Rolly Abad the said member was killed in a rumble few months later. In comemoration with this, the run was held yearly with noble themes every year... It was said that Oblation run was just for fun or just an expression of insanity but in a closer look inside it you'll able to learn that it's not just an ordinary run, but its an expression of protest againts the system.
     The ceremory starts with the assembling at the APO tambayan, where the runners will give them the traditional fraternity salute, in this process also do's and don't's were instructed to the runners... and presto... to the run."

Because I was in front,I get to see a lot of "hotdogs" (LOL) and also got to take lot of pics. Here are some of it plus a video I got from my friend. Sorry,but I had to censor some private parts of the body of those who run because I find it inappropriate to pose it without editing,some minors might be reading this. But the video is unedited, so the censoring is still kinda useless. ~LOL~ But if you're really interested in seeing the uncensored photos, just send me an e-mail and I'll send you copies of the uncensored photos,haha! =P

I find this video really hilarious because of the people's reaction when they knew that the run is starting.Lols.
(note: if you're a minor, please don't view this video,thanks!)

Me,trying to imagine how the event will go.haha

Let's go friends! Let the hotdog festival begin!!!!

on the way to see the event!

Excited people.



And there they are!




Justice for you too.

I had doubts about this guy's gender in front of me.LOL

Dianne,a friend of mine, had received one of the roses that the guys were handing out.

Sharmane's reaction after the run.

We played Frisbee afterwards,as if nothing happened.

Tomorrow I'm gonna be witnessing again another one of the most awaited events in our University. I can imagine a colorful night by tomorrow. <3

Nadin <3