Dec 14, 2010

Can't Get Over You

It's been a while since my last visit to the place I call "haven". It's practically a haven for me since all the stuff I crave for is present there. Coffee, books, Wifi, peace and quiet. Really,if I could just go there every single day, I probably would. Too bad, my second semester schedule is really kinda hectic and not to mention the budget constraint. Don't get me wrong, the stuff they sell in this place does not exceed Php 100.00. Everything is below 100 pesos and they taste like they are worth more than that. I know you are now pretty curious about what I'm talking about, but of you're a close friend of mine, you could have probably guessed by now what I'm talking about.
This is place is called "Book Latte". Book because it has a mini library inside which if you're a member, you can borrow and bring home (but with a fee of course,depending on the book). And a Latte because it is a coffee shop. They have a wide variety of coffee flavors, some of which have an exotic name but I can say tastes really good.
Here are some of the pictures I got with my "reunion" with the place.haha

I really missed this soft velvety couch. Good thing it is unoccupied when I arrived there.

The books! <3

Krispy Kreme!

They even have suggestions on which books to try out.

The doodles on their suggestion book.

Totally agree with the fella who wrote this.

My meal: an original glazed Krispy Kreme (my fave) and a Marshmallow Latte. And WiFi ofcourse! :)

More doodles.

ABS-CBN (a famous TV station here in the Philippines) featured them!

I'm a Member!!
Being a member have a lot of privileges like 10% discount everytime you eat there.

They even have a collection of my favorite author. =D

More food choices!

They have already changed their menu design, but I like the old one more!

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Nadin <3


Anonymous said...

Cool library! Where is this place? :)
Followed this blog btw. I hope you follow back. Thanks! :)

Nadin said...

Hello Francesca! this is in Iloilo. =))
Thanks for following, i'll follow you too. =))