Dec 12, 2010

Look Can be Deceiving

After our Fun Run, as I've said in my last post, our Hum 1 class had a tour around the house of our Professor.  Do you have any idea who this professor I'm talking about is? Well, he's Prof. Edward "Ed" Defensor. Does the name ring a bell on your ears? Actually, he's a cousin of the famous Sen. Miriam Santiago (who also happens to be an alumna of our university which is the UP Visayas). Prof. Ed Defensor is a famous artist who is known for his abstract paintings and one-of-a-kind sculptures. He has already received several awards here and abroad. He had also once been specially-requested to teach at a university in New York, which I forgot the name,sorry. hehe. 

Yeah,so moving on. He is one of my my favorite teachers because he really had ignite the artist/traveler/"dora-the-explorer" in me. During our Humanities class, he has showed us pictures of places around the world that he had been too, accompanied with humor-filled stories. He has also brought some of us at exclusive opening of galleries, especially his. He has also introduced us to the world of classical music by showing us the concerts of world-renowned artists like Celine Dion (his fave), Andrea Bocelli, and many many more, which some of it I had only heard for the first time. I really had learned a lot from his class, not only academic lessons but also life lessons.

So, when he told us that he'll bring us to his house to show us some of his one-of-a-kind collections, I was really excited and giddy inside that I could have jumped for joy right there and there if not for the shame I'll be getting out of it. So,here are some of the pics during the tour.. =) Enjoy!

The Arrival!
The gate looks so plane on the outside that I could have sworn we got the wrong house.

The very classic door that we've seen once we've entered the gate.
I thought this was already his house, so I took lots of pics of the details of the entrance hall, but I was genuinely surprised when the guy who let us in told us to go on walking.Lols

The garden in front of his house full of sculptures.

Nice view! very picturesque.

A relief sculpture in the door way.


His own artworks.

Very,very nice and detailed doors which he and his friends had sculpted. Oh,that's him btw. =)

even the lights are so artistically made!

The faux-stained glass window.

His workplace.

A sculpture that the Mayor of Iloilo had commissioned him to do,

Artwork in the making.

A portrait of him made by a famous artist whom I forgot the name.

Him, showing off his keychain collection from all over the world.


"Oh,I can feel the pain these guys are feeling!"

1,2,3 smile!

His DVD collection.

again of the DVD collction.=)

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