Aug 17, 2012

Eyebags and Skinny Arms

It's already early in the morning and I'm still very much awake. Here I am surfing the net, watching and downloading Alexa Chung videos from youtube, lusting over her small body and her awesome style. She's one of my fashion icon and I love her to bits. I also love the fact that she's from UK, the place I want to be at right now. 

Yeah. And I just found a penpal over the net who also is from UK! How cool is that? I can't wait to send her letters and receive some from her too.=))

Trends coming in and out

Looking at the photos above, you can really say that I don't have any particular style whatsoever. I'm really just into anything casual, comfortable and a little bit girly. It's been a struggle for me to identify into what certain style I want to be and at the same time I look good at,which is really hard since I don't have a nice body that could easily blend into whatever style. But, I must say, I really have a penchant for anything vintage and preppy, and that would be something I want to see myself in. But i don't know if it suits me. hmmm. Let's see. I'm into thrift shopping lately, and I see lots of stuff that could help me acquire the look I'd like to achieve.

Recent thrift finds. Let's see what I can do.=)

*this is the 3rd post for the day. See what insomnia can do to me? not good,not good. =(

Aug 16, 2012

The Best Things In Life Are Free

I woke up today feeling very much energized and positive. I took a bath, dress up then took some photos. I glanced at my phone and saw that it was already 10:30! Oh em! I hurried and grabbed all my school stuff and dump them in my trusty ol' bag. I hurried because I might not be able to get my very-much-craved-for mcdonald's pancakes,  they're only available until 11am. But as I ride a public jeepney, I found out that there was a heavy traffic, but I didn't lose hope, I'm gonna get those pancakes. But no, it's just not meant to be. When I arrived there,pancakes are not available anymore. =(((((( I just died right there and there. It's okay, it's my fault anyway. I just wish they're available 24 hours.

Anyways, i'm here enjoying my iced coffee instead, overlooking the very awesome city of Iloilo. I love looking at the traffic and old fashioned buildings, it's like an irony, past and present at the same time. I also love looking at other people walking fast in the sidewalks, thinking why they're such in a hurry. I also love hearing conversations around me, there's this mother and daughter talking about the daughter's school life and friends. yes I'm listening to their conversation, I can't help it, they're right behind me. They seem real close, I can't help thinking about my own mom, we're really close too. I miss her so much, I haven't seen her for like 3 weeks. It sucks being away from my family. It sucks being in a dormitory, with no one to take care of me when I'm sick, no one to cook for me, no one to ask me how my day is. I mean, I have roommates too but we don't talk too much anymore, we're all too busy. Oh college,you're too cruel.

I really think too much don't I? I guess that's okay, at least I take interest in life, and appreciate everything. But I read that overthinking makes you fat, and I'm already fat enough so maybe I should stop thinking at all. haha. As if that's possible. But yeah. okay. bye.

Hope you had a good day. =)

Hot Milk Teas for Empty Stomaches

(Photos from my tumblr account)

It's 2 in the morning and I'm still wide awake, waiting for a pimple explosion to happen, as if what I've got are not enough. Blame it to my rumbling stomach. I just realized too much pancake dreaming is not a good thing especially if you've got no food stock in your dorm room. What I got is just a packet of instant milk tea so I just used it instead to satisfy my tummy's calls, but to no avail. I can't wait for morning to come, I am dying to eat Mcdonald's breakfast meals and drink hot chocolate while overlooking the city (last photo shows the view from Mcdo's 2nd floor). I'll go there first thing in the morning, and eat breakfast, then maybe walk around and lust over that lace dress I look at over and over in a certain store. I really really wanna buy it but it's a bit pricey, so I have to save up for it first. And then maybe, I could go to the supermarket, look at the fresh fruits displayed and imagine myself eating them because that's all I could do. haha. Pity me.

Oh, the milk tea is finished and I'm still feeling the hunger. ugh. pancakes,pancakes,pancakes. *drools*

Grains and Noises

Here I am again after a long,long while of hiatus.=P I am back with a heart fired with the determination to follow my dreams. If you noticed, I actually changed my blog title, due to some personal reasons, but fear not, this is still a humble photo blog of a college student struggling with petty problems such as why doesn't our dorm allow us to use flat iron, what to eat for breakfast, what shoes to wear with the pretty lace top that I recently got and such.

Anyways, along with the change of blog title comes little changes with the way I blog. You should be expecting more of this type of long posts, since I think I have been over analyzing, over thinking stuff that my mind is so full I need to let them all out and the only way to do that is to blog it here. I hope you'd put up with that.

I have been back reading this beautiful blog The Public Diary and I just can't get over how lovely she blogs about random things in life and of course, who could ignore those awesome film photos she's got? how I wish I could take photos as good as her. I really wanted to have a film camera, well one that is working since I have lots that don't. But it's just so hard to find one nowadays since it's already a world of instants and digital stuffs.I don't understand why people stopped using these kinds of camera, I mean, that's what you call real photography since what you get after clicking the shutter can't be edited anymore, and that's where real talent shows. And imagine the thrill of waiting for the films to get developed, thinking what photos will turn out good and stuff like that. Anyways, my point is, I really wanna get one real soon and take lots of photos with it, learning along the way. But I guess that's quite impossible right now, I have so many more priorities and getting a film camera is not at the top. But, yeah, who knows right?

See? the train of thought I made? ugh. I should learn to lessen them.