Aug 16, 2012

The Best Things In Life Are Free

I woke up today feeling very much energized and positive. I took a bath, dress up then took some photos. I glanced at my phone and saw that it was already 10:30! Oh em! I hurried and grabbed all my school stuff and dump them in my trusty ol' bag. I hurried because I might not be able to get my very-much-craved-for mcdonald's pancakes,  they're only available until 11am. But as I ride a public jeepney, I found out that there was a heavy traffic, but I didn't lose hope, I'm gonna get those pancakes. But no, it's just not meant to be. When I arrived there,pancakes are not available anymore. =(((((( I just died right there and there. It's okay, it's my fault anyway. I just wish they're available 24 hours.

Anyways, i'm here enjoying my iced coffee instead, overlooking the very awesome city of Iloilo. I love looking at the traffic and old fashioned buildings, it's like an irony, past and present at the same time. I also love looking at other people walking fast in the sidewalks, thinking why they're such in a hurry. I also love hearing conversations around me, there's this mother and daughter talking about the daughter's school life and friends. yes I'm listening to their conversation, I can't help it, they're right behind me. They seem real close, I can't help thinking about my own mom, we're really close too. I miss her so much, I haven't seen her for like 3 weeks. It sucks being away from my family. It sucks being in a dormitory, with no one to take care of me when I'm sick, no one to cook for me, no one to ask me how my day is. I mean, I have roommates too but we don't talk too much anymore, we're all too busy. Oh college,you're too cruel.

I really think too much don't I? I guess that's okay, at least I take interest in life, and appreciate everything. But I read that overthinking makes you fat, and I'm already fat enough so maybe I should stop thinking at all. haha. As if that's possible. But yeah. okay. bye.

Hope you had a good day. =)

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