Aug 16, 2012

Grains and Noises

Here I am again after a long,long while of hiatus.=P I am back with a heart fired with the determination to follow my dreams. If you noticed, I actually changed my blog title, due to some personal reasons, but fear not, this is still a humble photo blog of a college student struggling with petty problems such as why doesn't our dorm allow us to use flat iron, what to eat for breakfast, what shoes to wear with the pretty lace top that I recently got and such.

Anyways, along with the change of blog title comes little changes with the way I blog. You should be expecting more of this type of long posts, since I think I have been over analyzing, over thinking stuff that my mind is so full I need to let them all out and the only way to do that is to blog it here. I hope you'd put up with that.

I have been back reading this beautiful blog The Public Diary and I just can't get over how lovely she blogs about random things in life and of course, who could ignore those awesome film photos she's got? how I wish I could take photos as good as her. I really wanted to have a film camera, well one that is working since I have lots that don't. But it's just so hard to find one nowadays since it's already a world of instants and digital stuffs.I don't understand why people stopped using these kinds of camera, I mean, that's what you call real photography since what you get after clicking the shutter can't be edited anymore, and that's where real talent shows. And imagine the thrill of waiting for the films to get developed, thinking what photos will turn out good and stuff like that. Anyways, my point is, I really wanna get one real soon and take lots of photos with it, learning along the way. But I guess that's quite impossible right now, I have so many more priorities and getting a film camera is not at the top. But, yeah, who knows right?

See? the train of thought I made? ugh. I should learn to lessen them.

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