Sep 20, 2011

September Photodiary

The bag I won from a giveaway.//heart shadows// paper cranes//fallinginloveatacoffeeshop// me and janine// accesories!=)

Sep 9, 2011

After sometime, I'm finally back

I am terribly sorry for not updating my blog. Kill me now,yes you can.

Since I am not yet dead, I am just gonna update you with what's going on with my life,even though you're not interested. (But I hope you are.)

1.)My classmates from Iloilo went to my hometown to do some surveying for our Economics class.

Them enjoying my pink room.

Fighting the heat just to finish the quota.
marshmallow toasting.

Getting fatter with all the food I missed while I was away.

hmmm. Calea, I love you.

And went home afterwards, with more eyebags.

2.)Attending events during the Sportsfest 2011 to take pictures for the Accounts.

The Champion during the Cheering Competition.

Attending Journalism Workshop.

And after getting tired with all those activities, I decided to take some time off and went to Plazuela alone to chillax.

That's all folks.=D