Feb 20, 2011


I had been so stress lately with all the school pressure that I'm so sure would burst any minute by now. Really, 2 long exams, submission of database draft, reaction paper, and a convention, all in one week? Is this really school? or a living hell? If this would have happened to me before, I would just eat myself out to relieve all the stress. But no, I'm wiser now and know that that is not the right thing to do. With budget constraints and all, the only thing I got to myself is the thing that always relaxes my mind, staring at the sky. If I can, I always go to our dorm's rooftop and lie there and just stare at the sky, and I'd be good as new. But I know that it is not always possible,so what I did is I took pictures,lots of them, and just look at them if I feel I'm going to burst already. I was lucky enough to get nice sky pictures, and here they are. I wish they would have the same effect on you too.=)

nadin <3

My Heart's Day

It's been a week and I still haven't told you guys how I spent my Valentine's Day,me being single and all. Well, remember my friends who I mentioned in this post? They once again (and always will, I hope) rescued me out of my misery. We spent the day together along with our other block mates at SM by having lunch and watching a movie which was not so holiday related at all. Some of us still had class that day, so they weren't able to watch movie with us. There were only 5 of us left,so after watching a movie, we spent a little more time together to bond and talk.

We were supposed to go at bike road after that but weren't able to because it was still too hot and the bikes are not yet available. And besides, we were too busy with school activities that we had to make use every little chance we get to finish them. That is the main reason why I haven't updated this blog for so long and I am  so,so sorry. I hope by next week I would be able to update regularly as I had before.

Nadin <3

Feb 16, 2011

Day 41


I love this burger and fries from Afrique's.

Day 40


Day 39


"For as the Heavens are higher than the Earth,
So are My ways higher than your ways
and My thoughts than your thoughts."
-Isaiah 55:9

Day 38


Janet Evanovich is my favorite author. I love every book she had written.=))

Nadin <3

Feb 10, 2011

So! Fab Shoe Giveaway

There's no denying that everyone loves shoes, may it be obvious or just a secret. Different styles from different eras come and go, some even made a comeback. I,myself, have a little addiction to shoes specifically flats. Whenever you ask my friends what shoes I would likely be wearing, it is definitely a flat shoe. May it be ballet flats, sneakers, or flat sandals as long as it is flat cause I find it really comfortable. But looking at myself with flat shoes on is pretty tiring and I really wanted to get out of my comfort zones through wearing a little bit higher than the usual ones I have. I have been eying some shoes at So! Fab in which I'll use to start with the change. I had always find So! Fab's collection amazing since they have one-of-a-kind styles. I really wanted to buy at least a pair from the store and I starting to save already. I hope I can buy one as soon as possible. Good thing I found this giveaway from the said store.

If ever I'll win (which I really hope to happen! *crosses fingers*) these is the pair I'd choose:

These come in close:


Go over  Little Miss Dressup's blog if you also wanna join. Last day is on February 11,2011 and is only open to Philippine residents.=))

Nadin <3

Feb 9, 2011

I am OA, I know

I forgot to tell you that I had my hair cut short last Saturday. I was just supposed to have my hair trimmed off to get away from split ends but my mom wanted it to be shorter but not this short. I guess the gay who cut my hair didn't understand it or whatever cause he/she cut it waaaay shorter than what was intended. So when I saw how short it was, I just cried myself off cause I just can't accept what had happened. I can't shout at that stupid gay (cause that's just so immature,right?).So what I did was rant through text, cried in front of my mother and mourn until now. 

It's just way to short! I hate it. It makes me look so much fatter!?

I just kept smiling even if inside I was hurting. OA right?

Look at how long my hair was before. At least half of it is gone now.=((

Can't do this anymore.

No more fish braids.=(

My friends, supportive as they are, kept telling me that it looks nice on me. BUT! I can't even....

To keep myself way from thinking about more of my hair, we did this.

and this.

and this.

And this during computer class instead of making a database.
But up until now,I just can't get over it. My hair and I had a really close relationship (lols,whut?) and it's the only thing I love about my body (other than my eyes and butt and nails and hands and...and....okay). I guess I'll just have to accept it until I grow my hair again cause there's nothing I can do about it. But jeeez, I just freaking miss my long hair, I can't even look at the mirror any more.=(

Nadin <3

Day 37

Bought these sandals from the money my dad gave me! He's the best! <3

Day 36

It's a vintage camera I found at home.Too bad it's not working anymore.=(

Day 35


Family Bonding

Last Friday,I was able to go back home after a whole month of since we didn't have any school activities that weekend. God, I missed my family so much. It not so usual for me to be away from home that long since it's just pretty near,if you count an island away near, and I always get to go home every weekend. Yeah, so when I arrived, my dad's driver picked me up at the pier. I thought when I was going to my dad's workplace, we were just gonna wait for my mom  and go home directly. I didn't know they planned to have a dinner somewhere as a "welcome back" for me and a late celebration for their wedding anniversary. They originally planned to have it at a seafood restaurant but I was craving for pizza and there was a newly opened pizzeria neat my dad's workplace,so we decided to try it out. We waited for my brother to arrive from school and then went there and eat pizza!

I forgot the name of the pizza that we had, but we had it at XL, 18 inches. My mom even thought it wasn't enough for us and originally ordered an XXL,good thing she learned it was 32in and cancelled it immediately.


Concentrate on your work, kuya!

My mom looked so stressed.=(

Boy talk!

I missed my brother so much! He's so tall now and he's even 2 years younger than me. Sad,right?

I'm gonna see them again maybe tomorrow or on Friday since we don't have school on Friday. Excited!

Nadin <3