Feb 20, 2011


I had been so stress lately with all the school pressure that I'm so sure would burst any minute by now. Really, 2 long exams, submission of database draft, reaction paper, and a convention, all in one week? Is this really school? or a living hell? If this would have happened to me before, I would just eat myself out to relieve all the stress. But no, I'm wiser now and know that that is not the right thing to do. With budget constraints and all, the only thing I got to myself is the thing that always relaxes my mind, staring at the sky. If I can, I always go to our dorm's rooftop and lie there and just stare at the sky, and I'd be good as new. But I know that it is not always possible,so what I did is I took pictures,lots of them, and just look at them if I feel I'm going to burst already. I was lucky enough to get nice sky pictures, and here they are. I wish they would have the same effect on you too.=)

nadin <3

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