Feb 9, 2011

Family Bonding

Last Friday,I was able to go back home after a whole month of since we didn't have any school activities that weekend. God, I missed my family so much. It not so usual for me to be away from home that long since it's just pretty near,if you count an island away near, and I always get to go home every weekend. Yeah, so when I arrived, my dad's driver picked me up at the pier. I thought when I was going to my dad's workplace, we were just gonna wait for my mom  and go home directly. I didn't know they planned to have a dinner somewhere as a "welcome back" for me and a late celebration for their wedding anniversary. They originally planned to have it at a seafood restaurant but I was craving for pizza and there was a newly opened pizzeria neat my dad's workplace,so we decided to try it out. We waited for my brother to arrive from school and then went there and eat pizza!

I forgot the name of the pizza that we had, but we had it at XL, 18 inches. My mom even thought it wasn't enough for us and originally ordered an XXL,good thing she learned it was 32in and cancelled it immediately.


Concentrate on your work, kuya!

My mom looked so stressed.=(

Boy talk!

I missed my brother so much! He's so tall now and he's even 2 years younger than me. Sad,right?

I'm gonna see them again maybe tomorrow or on Friday since we don't have school on Friday. Excited!

Nadin <3

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