Feb 10, 2011

So! Fab Shoe Giveaway

There's no denying that everyone loves shoes, may it be obvious or just a secret. Different styles from different eras come and go, some even made a comeback. I,myself, have a little addiction to shoes specifically flats. Whenever you ask my friends what shoes I would likely be wearing, it is definitely a flat shoe. May it be ballet flats, sneakers, or flat sandals as long as it is flat cause I find it really comfortable. But looking at myself with flat shoes on is pretty tiring and I really wanted to get out of my comfort zones through wearing a little bit higher than the usual ones I have. I have been eying some shoes at So! Fab in which I'll use to start with the change. I had always find So! Fab's collection amazing since they have one-of-a-kind styles. I really wanted to buy at least a pair from the store and I starting to save already. I hope I can buy one as soon as possible. Good thing I found this giveaway from the said store.

If ever I'll win (which I really hope to happen! *crosses fingers*) these is the pair I'd choose:

These come in close:


Go over  Little Miss Dressup's blog if you also wanna join. Last day is on February 11,2011 and is only open to Philippine residents.=))

Nadin <3

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