Feb 9, 2011

I am OA, I know

I forgot to tell you that I had my hair cut short last Saturday. I was just supposed to have my hair trimmed off to get away from split ends but my mom wanted it to be shorter but not this short. I guess the gay who cut my hair didn't understand it or whatever cause he/she cut it waaaay shorter than what was intended. So when I saw how short it was, I just cried myself off cause I just can't accept what had happened. I can't shout at that stupid gay (cause that's just so immature,right?).So what I did was rant through text, cried in front of my mother and mourn until now. 

It's just way to short! I hate it. It makes me look so much fatter!?

I just kept smiling even if inside I was hurting. OA right?

Look at how long my hair was before. At least half of it is gone now.=((

Can't do this anymore.

No more fish braids.=(

My friends, supportive as they are, kept telling me that it looks nice on me. BUT! I can't even....

To keep myself way from thinking about more of my hair, we did this.

and this.

and this.

And this during computer class instead of making a database.
But up until now,I just can't get over it. My hair and I had a really close relationship (lols,whut?) and it's the only thing I love about my body (other than my eyes and butt and nails and hands and...and....okay). I guess I'll just have to accept it until I grow my hair again cause there's nothing I can do about it. But jeeez, I just freaking miss my long hair, I can't even look at the mirror any more.=(

Nadin <3

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