Dec 12, 2010

Run,Run,Devil Run!

Last Saturday,in continuation of our Bluechips Foundation week, our college hosted a fun run entitled: Run For Bluechips, "A Benefit Run for the Bluechips Foundation and the College of Management Student Council". It was a race open for everyone who are willing to join, with a registration fee of Php 50.00 for Up students and Php 100.00 for those who aren't. There were two categories for the race, the 5K and the 3K. 

My friends and I weren't really interested in joining since the race starts at 5 in the morning. Imagine? 5 in the morning??? And the night before that was supposed to be our dorm's christmas party and we'll surely end up too tired to get up the next morning. But,surprisingly, our teacher for B.A. 101 (introduction to Management) required us to join the run as an alternative class since we won't meet until next year. So,yeah. That morning, we had to drag our very much tired up body to join the race we have no intention to win. >:(

Here are some pictures of the said event:

The people joining the race.
I didn't expect this much participant, I thought it was just the whole of CM. Oh well! the price is all yours!!

Classmates who didn't seem to be as pissed off as me because I was still really sleepy and really wanna go back to bed at that time!

WTF? pose,.lols




Iloilo river!
Instead of racing, I was just brisk walking along the sidewalk and taking pictures of the early morning scenery.

Rowelle,taking pictures.
Good thing Rowelle brought her camera with her because some of the pictures I took were corrupted. Annoying camera!

The "feast" that welcomed us when we arrived at the finish line.
Yes,we did finish because it was really just a short distance. haha. No effort.


yey! proof of attendance!

The whole gang!

I have nice hair yow!

haha! April taking picture of us.

Us at Jollibee.
We didn't find the "feast' satisfying so we headed up to the nearest open fastfood chain, Jollibee!

We were tired.. of walking.LOLS

friends.. <3

Just a few hours after the run, we had a "field trip" at the house of our Humanities professors who happens to be a (not-so) famous artist. To be posted next time..=)
Nadin <3

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