Mar 1, 2011

Convention,Day 1

I'm really really sorry for being MIA for a long while. If blogging is a real job, I would have been fired by now. As I've said in my previous posts, I have been really busy with my school works that I don't get to touch my laptop unless it's a school assignment. Besides, the WiFi here at our dorm had also been "MIA" cause everytime I try to connect with  the 'net, it's always limited connectivity. Nevertheless, I am here now updating my blog with something I think is not really worth blogging. There is really not much interesting about my life right now,unless you see school really interesting,which I don't.

Yeah,so last Friday, we attended a convention which was all about economics *yawns*. If only it were up to me, I wouldn't have attended,but because it will correspond to one long exam, I had to drag myself out there and force my ears to listen to the things that they talk about.

It was really a boring one, but good thing I was surrounded by super fun people, who made me laugh all throughout the event. Another interesting that made the event fun was when my friend Sharmane joined the pageant part of the convention. It was fun following her around and making sure everything was in order. Really, it really made my adrenaline rush. haha. Here are some of the pics I took during the 2-day event.

Having lunch before going to the convention.

Having fun while kiling time. and Yes, I haven't taken a bath yet. *embarassing*


We're pretty much prepared already.

On the way.

*this is only for day 1. The contest and Day 2 will be on a separate post. =))

Nadin <3

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