Mar 12, 2011

Missing Out

I have been missing a lot of family gatherings already because I haven't been home for a long while. F*ck the distance! I had missed two birthdays of my dear cousins already,and that just means twice missing out on family fun and laughters. I just learned this morning that they celebrated one of my cousin's birthday last night, and I hadn't even known! If I did, I certainly would have made a way to be home and see them, but too sad I didn't. I really,really miss them all. All those cute faces of my younger cousins, and the teases of the older ones. Oh my. Not to mention the lovely dishes that our parents make for us,like the hash browns, salads, tempura, popcorns and a whole lot more. 
Two more weeks. Just TWO MORE f*cking weeks and I'll be home and enjoying summer already! (I wish!). I'm really looking forward to our Negros tour together this summer. And of course, the summer job! Fast forward please.
Just look at these faces, and those sincere smiles. Won't you yourself miss them? =')

P.S. Sorry for the F-word. I just can't help it.="D

Nadin <3

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