Mar 24, 2011

Sunday Bonding

Last Sunday, one of my roomies Ivanne went with me to the church. We decided to eat at Crave Burger afterwards since we were craving for their fries and yummy burgers, but when we got there, it was close. Too bad! We decided to eat instead at the mall. There were so many people there cause it was a sale day. We haven't yet decided where to it, and while we're looking for some place, we saw a new food cart there! Fried Ice Cream! Yay.

While looking around, we saw a value meal at Dulcinea which offers burgers and fries combo and decided to try it out. I didn't expect much about their fries since it looks like the ones you can buy at supermarkets and fry at home, but I was pretty much excited with the burger. I got the clubhouse sandwich while Ivanne got the chicken sandwich. I wasn't disappointed with my sandwich coz it was really tasty. Yummy.

I really like Dulcinea because it is Spanish-themed, from the menu to their picture frames hung on their wall. It feels like I'm outside the country. And their churros (?) are also awesome!!! Just thinking about it makes me feel hungry. Gonna go back there soon.

Nadin <3

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