Mar 16, 2011

Blessing Pouring Like A Rain

My day started with a heavy rain, just like everyone's day did too. I thought my day would get worse later on, but thank God it didn't.In fact, I feel really blessed with all the blessings I had been getting all throughout the  day.First, I got a high grade (well,compared to my last one) in our statistics exam. It was enough to get me off the hook from the possibility of attending summer classes. Then, our efforts in making database finally paid off. We had printed the hard copy and submitted it successfully. We were to relax for a while afterwards,along with some blockmates.Then, (the best one!), I got a 98% score in our Psychology exam. That was the highlight of my day. really. I just can't believe it until now. And when I got home (dorm), I saw the package I had been waiting for a really long time! I received the brogues I ordered online,=D it was the best reward for myself.=))

But tomorrow is my last chance to redeem my low scores in accounting subject. I hope I will be able to make it. Wish me luck.=))

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