Mar 25, 2011

Sorted Out (part 1)

Woah! So many things to blog about, don't now where to start. Uhm, maybe I'll just do it chronologically, starting monday.

After we finished 2 of our final exams, my blockmates and I went to a nearby restaurant to celebrate. I always have fun being with these people, they make my problems go away.

I went home (after almost 2 mos.) to attend my brother's graduation after my Psychology exam.. I arrived 4 pm Wednesday and went back to Iloilo at 6 am Thursday. Even if I was just there for a very short time, I had lots of fun because I was able to catch up with my cousins. I wasn't even able to visit our house because we slept at my aunt's house because I have to catch the earliest trip of the ferry for Thursday.
I also learned that I won another blog giveaway while I was there. (gonna have separate post for that if I'll receive the package already)
Confirmed that I'm still retained in accountancy program. *sigh heavily*
(Part 2,next post)

Nadin <3

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