Mar 22, 2011

A Long Weekend

Last weekend, I had the chance to go home and be reunited with my family because we didn't have class on Friday but I chose not to because I still have exams for this week and I wanted to use the time to study. I really intended to study,really, but laziness overcame me, and I end up cramming come Sunday night. I never really learned from my past experiences,did I? Ugh. All I did was watch movies and eat and sleep and laughed my ass out along with my roomies.

Just stayed at the dorm and watched some downloaded movies.
Along with my crazy roomies.
Afterwards my friend and I decided to visit some of our other friends at a nearby hotel who are having their swimming class.
We toured around first since it was our first time there.


Craving something nice to eat.
Went to Coffee Break and had their yummy Ham and Cheese croissant.=))

It was a good way too to relax from all the stress we're getting from school. Oh how I wish it's summer already.

Nadin <3

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