Mar 12, 2011


Final examinations are near and I am working my ass off to get passing, if not high, grades just so I can remain in the accountancy program. We, accounting students, have higher grade cut-off compared to students of other business courses. So it is only natural that we exert more effort than them. Finding a place conducive for studying has always been a hard task for me, and that's one of the reason I haven't been home for a long while since I find it really hard to resist sleeping when I'm home. I stay at the dormitory because there's always this "i-should-study" feeling lying around and I always end up being more productive than usual.

I remembered a place here in Iloilo city that my friends and I once visited. It's actually a college of some sort,but it sure doesn't look like it. And it is really a good place to study because it's so quiet and comfy but not the kind that will make you want to sleep. It actually looks like a home or a retreat house inside since the rooms are designed like parts of a house. A teacher there gave us a tour inside and I instantly fell in love with the place. How I wish I could just go there anytime I would want to, but I guess that's not really possible.
                                Here,let me give you a tour through the pictures I had taken. =)

Did you love it too? Coz I certainly did!=D

Nadin <3

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