Mar 1, 2011

Ms Iskonomiks

As I've said in my previous post, my friend Sharmane joined the pageant during the ISKONOMIKS convention we attended last Friday. It was totally random since they only announced it like 3 hours before and we weren't totally prepared. The organizers were supposed to be the ones to provide the garments, but since there were many contestants who wanted to join, the gowns weren't enough for everyone, and unluckily, Sharm was one of those who didn't get the gown. We were really excited before we knew it, and when we learned about it, we were totally disappointed. We hate to kill our excitement,so we decided to rent a gown for her instead. What we forgot was that, that option will cost us much. Good thing, one of us knew someone where we could borrow a dress. Since the one they chose was kinda plain and boring, our designer friend Rene altered it to make it look nice and not out-of-place. Then we divided other tasks like buying the fabric, finding shoes, accessories, make-up and other necessities. Even if she didn't won, we still had a lot of fun, and we realized how much we all love each other. We also saw how supportive we are of each other in our block. Gotta love the RetroSci (our block name).

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