Mar 6, 2011

Speak Now

Not much interesting has been happening to my life lately except spending too much time making database system (which I didn't give much help), watching Harry Potter series,and oh, meeting one of the people I look up to, Sen. Miriam Santiago. Yeah,her. I even got to shake hands with her,lols. I realized she looks skinnier in tv than in person,coz yeah,she looks a lot chubbier up front. I even got to witness her funny side when she delivered the "top 20 pick-up lines of the youth" which she got from directly from the www, and she even claimed she had been studying these in the senate meetings instead of listening to "crazy" people. It was really generous of her to offer to donate any building we needed, since she was also an alumna of our University (and Franklin Drilon!). I hope it will be finished before I graduate, unlike our Cinematheque which is still unmade until now.=(

That's all for now. I'm off to finish my reaction paper for economics, study un-understandable Statistics, and dig in accounting terms which I'm having a hard time understanding. Oh,the life of a businessman!(AS IF!lols)


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