Aug 6, 2011

Blog Giveaway!

Hi guys! I just turned 19 last week, and to thank my imaginary supporters/readers/friends, I wanna give back through having this giveaway.This giveaway is originally hosted by my tumblr account, but I also want those who don't have a tumblr account to have a chance to join.

I'll be giving away a necklace, 2 connector rings, a snake ring and a discount coupon, courtesy of my online shop.

To join:
1.) Like Spices on Facebook.

2.)You should be a follower of this blog (+2 entries) and/or my other blog, Chic Yet Practical (+2 entries)

3.) Follow me on twitter. And tweet this: Join @Nadinmagbiray ‘s late birthday giveaway #nadingiveaway.” (+1 entry)

After you've done Steps 1-3, comment here your Name,Blog URL and steps you've done.
ex.. Nadin Magbiray,, 1,2 ( 2 accounts), 3.

Giveaway open until August 31,2011, 12mn. I'll announce the winner on September 1,2011.=))
Open to Philippine Residents only.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Janine Monasterial

Did 1,2,3

FB liker: Nin Mönster

GFC: Janinay followed both blogs

Tweeted! Follower @janinegenious!/janinegenious/status/106626189103349760

ninmonster at rocketmail dot com