Jun 5, 2011

Late Summer Post

My 2011 summer has been one of the most memorable ones I've ever had and not to mention the busiest. I went from one place to another, been with different people, and been reunited to those I haven't seen for the longest time. I've savored every moment of it and took as many pictures as I can (which you'll be seen here in a while). I haven't been online for a long time also hence the lack of blog posts which I am really sorry about. If blogging were a job, I would have been fired a long time ago. But I promise to tell you all about it one by one. So, allow me to take you back to April.

During the second week of April, I went as a volunteer for the Panaad Festival. I was to help my Uncle organize an event assigned to him, which was the Composo competition where each contestant has to perform a song they originally composed. You might ask what Panaad Festival is. Panaad Festival is the mother of all festivals in Negros Occidental. Each town or city had built a small booth representing their own place. They also showcase their products through their booths. Other contests were also held which allows the towns and cities to show their talents.

So, as a volunteer, I had some priveleges like meeting local celebrities and being near the stage suring contests.

I was also able to bond with my cousins because they were also volunteers there.

But all in all, I had so much fun being there and being able to witness the event itself.

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