Jun 12, 2011

Never Bored

When I was in grade school, I had lots of friends. I went from one group to another. I was pretty much active back then since I joined lots of extracurricular activities. You could practically find me in every contest there was, from math quiz, spelling bee, essay writing, school choir, folk dance, school play, drum and bugle corps, badminton, science quiz and so much more. You could even say I was pretty much known all over the school and even with other nearby schools . Because of that, I had gained lots of friends. I didn't have permanent friends but when I was in 5th grade, I got tired of being with so many different kinds of people. So, when I joined folk dancing and choir, I became close with 4 people, namely Kimberly, Kelia, and Karoline. We named ourselves 3KB, because all three of them had K as initials,and I'm the only one with B (bernadin). We did stuff together and spent so much time together.Even when we were in high school and college, we tried to update with each other's life. One of the things that we do together is take vanity pictures, and you could guess that with all the free time during summer, we took as much pictures of ourselves as we could. We even tried to make music videos but I don't think I'd post it here any time soon because it's so embarrassing. But with the pictures, I am proud to show it to the world. Lols. Prepare yourselves for a photo spam.=)

I really love these girls, it's always a laugh trip when I'm with them.

I can be myself whenever we're together.


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