Jan 23, 2011

Film Festival

     Remember the Film Festival I mentioned in one of my past posts? Well,as expected, it was awesome!!! Out of the 11 movies, I only got to watch 6 of them, Bakal Boys, Halaw, Red Shoes, Himpapawid, (a little bit of) Sigwa and Emir. I really loved Red Shoes among others. The chemistry of Nikki Gil and Marvin Agustin was plain perfect and I love them to bits. I even watched it twice because I just can't get over it. The story was also nice,and I really like the unexpected ending. Himpapawid was second best because of the nice meaning behind the story and good quality of the film. Emir comes 3rd on my list because it was a "breathe of fresh air" since it was a musical. 
     I was lucky enough to attend the screening wherein the actors and directors of the film were present, especially Emir wherein Jhong Hilario was present and even gave a "sample" of his dance moves.
     The unexpected thing about it is that, while we were waiting in line for the showing of Emir, I noticed a kid in front of me who really looks familiar. The first thing that came into my mind was Utoy, the bida of Bakal Boys. I wasn't really sure if it was him so I asked my friends for confirmation. Turns out, they didn't notice the kid and he was gone already,except Dave who said he also saw the kid but can't pinpoint where he exactly saw him,he even thought he was just an ordinary kid who we saw around Iloilo. I had to look for the kid for them to see and when I found him, he was there signing autograph for his fans. It really was Utoy!!! I find him really cute, so I rushed beside him and took a picture with him! (haha.fan girl much again!~)

Here are some of the pics of the event.


Pic with "utoy".

Chito Rono, Jhong Hilario and Dulce (aka Donya Digna of Juanita Banana)

With Jhong!!! (excuse the giant pimple on mah face)

With Dulce!


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