Jan 31, 2011

Thank You,Fashionista Commuter

I know this happened way,way back (I'm exaggerating!) and I should have made a post about it as soon as it happened, but I'm just way busy that time that I keep on forgetting doing it. Believe me, I had really meant posting about it, but as soon as I got hold of my laptop and opened up other blogs, my mind just wandered far, far away along with my other thoughts that I ended up sleeping without doing what I was supposed to do.
What I really wanna talk about is me winning a blogaway! yes. I won. Lucky me. It was my first time actually to win one and I didn't really expected winning it since I was never one who wins this kind of contests. I guess this one is really meant for me,eh? so yeah. Remember this? Yes,that's the one that I had one. When I saw the comment on my blog saying, "Hey! :)) You won my giveaway!!! :D Yey!!! :D Congrats!! Do check out my latest blog entry!! :)) Thank youuu!!! :D :D" , I couldn't believe my eyes! I went to her blog immediately and found out that it was true after all! When it was confirmed, I literally shout at the top of my lungs! My friends were curious of what was happening, and when they knew what it was, they were dying of envy.(LOLs,sorry van & don for those words,=D). I even told my mom about it, and she thought it was just a scam.LOLs. I can't really explain to her how I won it coz she didn't know anything about blogs.haha. 

And just a few days after, I had received THE package. It was so freaking awesome and surreal, that even if I was already holding the package, my mind won't still believe it,haha. But nevertheless, it happened, and here are some pictures of it.=)

Thank you once again,Fashionista Commuter!



Anagon =) said...

OMG I am so pleased! :)) Thank you so much for appreciating! And super funny na mukhang scam siya when you tell your parents, noh? I always have a hard time explaining these things din to my 'rents heheheh ;))) Congrats again Nadine, and thank you! :)

Nadin said...

haha. so true.=)) no,thank YOU.=D
Love them!=D