Jan 29, 2011

The Ribbon Necklace/Headband

Just came home from a fun a very fun night! It was our GARA night for JPIA and the Bling-Bling (like a Ms. Gay,lols.) turned out real well. Afterwards,we went to Smallville to have some desserts.=)) gonna make a different post for that.( ugh! too many overdue posts.I hate laziness.)

Yeah,so while uploading pictures and browsing through some old ones, I found these pictures during my close friend,Sharmane's 18th bday. The best part during that day was when we were just hanging out and the boys played with our classmate's ribbon necklace. They turned it into a headband and made every guy wear it while I take a picture of them wearing it. It was so funny that I had time taking their pictures because I was laughing so hard. But nevertheless, I took some decent ones, and here are some of them.

The "headband".
(sorry for the side ways picture,I had uploaded it without editing before hand.)

Cutesy Carl!

Arlan,the mastermind

Osmond,who looked like a girl with the headband

Michael Ian! Lols


Eli piggy!
(sorry again for the sideways pic,same reason.It's just too cute not to upload)

candid Elmark

RetroSci with some Greenade at the beach =)

That's all.=)
Gonna continue uploading pics for now for updates for the blog.=D

Nadin <3

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