Jan 28, 2011

Trying out something new

Been very busy lately coz of lots of school activities and exams and papers and all those blah.
Also been to wonderland imagining stuff I wanna try out this year.
But one thing I've done this past few days that I am excited to let you know is me creating a lookbook account. yay!! I've always wanted to do one but always had second thought cause I was thinking I will be nothing compared to all those people in the lookbook community.I had always been amazed by the beautiful people there and inspired to be creative with my outfits too. I wanted to get out of my shell and show the world who I really am. So last night, I braved my way over to the site and signed up, and so, I present to you my first post:

I know it's too simple, it's because I still want the people around me to adjust with what I'm doing because I know they were used to the jeans/shorts+shirts-me. I hope they will accept the new me warmly. So far, those close friends of mine had welcomed this new me with a bright smile and a thumbs up,so I think that's a good sign.

PS.Photo spam of the activities I've done in the past days coming up.=))

Nadin <3

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